Biff Huggins

A Dwarf with a short fuse


Biff has been doing fine metal work at Rickety Squibs for the last few years but had become bored. When Shiny asked him to make her some silver brass knuckles he laughed in her face and told her to buy a bodice dagger and get back to work in the tavern. When he woke up he could not believe that the slip of a girl who smelled unnaturally clean had decked him. He went up and gave her a piece of his mind for getting someone to hit him from behind. When he woke up he seemed to remember that it was her fist that had laid him flat. Fancying himself as something of a pugilist he challenged her to a fair fight. When he woke up he finished her order then went straight to the tavern to drown his sorrows. He drank all the dwarven spirits they had and by the end of the night was professing his undying love for Shiny and the sweet caress of her strangely white fists. He then drank some more and signed on to the Lying Wench to “learn from his mistress”. Shiny was not pleased. When he woke up he was at sea.


Biff Huggins

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