Morgan Reeves

A young pirate in sea faded finery with more than his share of scars.


Morgan moves like one born at sea, always balanced, with a sixth sense for how the ship is performing and where everyone is. One of his eyes shows the mark of an old cutlass strike and his face bears witness to countless shipboard duels. He wears the overcoat of a Chelaxian captain, salt stained and showing signs that the previous owner did not have it removed willingly.


His earliest memory is of being a cabin boy at sea, as far as Morgan knows he was born on a ship and has spent the entire span of his 20 odd years sailing the inner sea. He has been a pirate, a smuggler, a buccaneer, a slaver and has even stooped the the dishonest trade of merchant sailor.

Morgan gets on well with a variety of folk and views life on the high seas as a rollicking adventure that helps pay for rum, wenches and absurd hats. Despite his scars, the violence and fear in a pirates life does not seem to touch him. He devoutly believes that Besmara will pull his arse from the ocean or what ever other trouble should find him. As such he is optimistic, happy and friendly, even when slitting your purse (or throat).

Morgan has modest ambitions. First he wants to be Captain of his own ship. After that it surely cannot be that hard to become a Pirate King. Perhaps he should skip straight to Pirate Emperor and unite all the Pirates of the Inner Sea. Surely Besmara will make this easy. In a non rum soaked version of reality Morgan will be happy being a Captain and the logistics of running a Pirate empire would probably not interest him. As the levels of alcohol increase, however, he dreams of being famous for captaining a ship straight through the eye of Abendego, stealing the ruby rod of Cheliax and sinking the entire Andoran navy.

He dreams of a ship cloaked in magic, displaced so that boarders leap into the sea, disguised by illusion so that it can appear to be another ship, a whale or an island, a true Lying Wench. On a personal level he would like much the same, an earring of disguise, a jacket of lesser displacement or of the Mountbank or, to really dream, an orb of storms.

Morgan Reeves

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