Pretty Pete

Big ugly and mean looking. Usually seen walking away from a bloodied corpse.


Pretty Pete is a good man, trapped behind an evil pirates face. Shackle born he had little choice but to follow the career that matched his looks. He has tried honest work and loves it, but always gets falsely accused of stealing, mugging, murder or worse because of his looks. The evil growl of his voice sounds like hell’s gates opening which has also been little help. Despite all this Pete does not like violence and cannot bear to see anyone suffering. He moved to Rickety Squibs in the hopes of an honest laborer’s job. No one wanted to work with him and he is beginning to be blamed for anything that goes missing around the town. He signed up on the Lying Wench after hearing that the captain was not as bloodthirsty as some. His goal is to get enough money so that he can open his own business, perhaps a pet shop or a florist.


Pretty Pete

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