Mara Waveblood

After a storm there is a calm


Flowing wavy black hair cascades down her delicate shoulders, framing a young face. Her eyes though speak of wisdom not learned but remembered as they gaze upon you making you feel…judged. Her translucent pale blue skin marks her as something not quite human; dressed in full sailor regalia she appears like a ghost of some lost pirate princess.


Mara was raised by a retired sailor who once served the Master of Gales. Whilst her foster mother died when she was young, the old sea dog…Grizzles… trained her in all that he knew about life. Mara lapped up the lessons, always being a little mature for her age.

When Mara was in her teens she found a blue ring octopus whilst she was sketching the coastline. She found that she could communicate with the creature and it whispered to her many secrets. She named him Sam and carries it always in a modified snow globe.

When Grizzles recently passed away, Mara was left all alone in her secluded house, far away from town; until the Master of Gales appeared on her doorstep. Together they packed her belongings and burried Grizzles. He then sailed her to Port Peril where he let her loose upon the world.

Mara Waveblood

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