When it comes to carpentry, he excels at legs. So do you want that above or below the knee?


Seldolon has always been that guy, you know the one. You know that he exists, he’s the one that works below decks, his job a necessary one. He plays a large role in organizing and leading the sailors when there’s boarding to be done, long hours repairing to keep the ship afloat and the crew alive, admirable you say. But hes still not really someone you know. Yet.


Having served aboard the Lying Wench from the start, Seldolon knows this ship inside and out, he knows and cares for it and the crew on board. Having seen a niche available early on, one that suited his various skills, Seldolon took up the mantle of Carpenter and Surgeon, and with time and trust earn’t from the crew, now acts as a surrogate leader for the sailors when there’s fighting to be done. The officers fight the mighty villains and Seldolon rallies the sailors against there minions. It seems to work well.

Seldolon has been around boats and ships, sailors and pirates and on and in the water his entire life, hes happiest when hes making those miraculous repairs that save a ship or a man. He had always hoped to one day build his own ship, and crew it with the best crew. The lying wench, is slowly becoming that dream as he repairs and cares for her and the officers and crew that he has come to respect and admire.

Seldolon’s work has many various tasks, and for all these tasks there are so many tools. Seldolon dreams of the one tool to rule them all.
Its the Pirate Sailing Knife [patent pending]
this device is small enough to go in the pocket, but its uses are limitless. It contains among many other handy things
A toothpick
A fold out timber saw
A fold out hammer
A fold out screw driver
A tape measure / tourniquet
A fold out bone saw
A super sharp knife
A needle and thread
The knife can also cure light wounds. good for stopping those bleeders
clean cantrips for wounds and hands
produces nails at will
etc etc etc
You get the point, the tools are all adamantite, they enlarge to actual size and can detach.
Ahhh, now if only i could find someone to build it for me.


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