Bag Island

Halfing Beacon against Slavery
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Capital: Slipcove (1400)
Notable Settlements: Beachcomber (1140), Rumbutter (795)
Ruler: Jolis Raffles
Major Races: Halflings
Languages: Common, Halfling
Religion: Besmara, Cayden Cailean, Norgorber
Plunder: Bullion, honey, lumber, wine

Home to the highest concentration of half lings in the Shackles, Bag Island and its residents have a tragic history, many of the half lings dwelling on the island being newly freed slaves who once belonged to nobles of the Chelish empire. Bag Island’s lord, Jolis Raff les, was born and raised in the devil-worshiping country, but when he was captured and forced into servitude as a rower on the galleon Fiend of the Waves, he quickly grew disillusioned with the nation he once loved. Raffles was able to inspire a mutiny among the hundred-some other enslaved half ling rowers, and they overthrew their captors. The revolt allowed Raffles and his fellows to throw off their shackles, and the mutinous crew renamed their captured ship Chains of Freedom in honor of their newly forged independence. Rather than repatriate themselves back to the nation that had so cavalierly stolen their freedom, Raffles and his crew took to the pirate life as well as the pursuit of justice, and embarked on a string of daring raids on Chelish slavers. Before long, the charismatic ex-thrall and his loyal followers had liberated nearly a thousand slaves, many of them half lings. Raff les was confirmed as leader by acclamation, and his fleet consisting of seven galleys, five sloops, and a pair of hardy frigates set sail for the Shackles, intent on finding a base of operations for the fleet’s anti-slavery crusade.

Bag Island had long been a haven for small pirate fleets, but the scattered hideouts and coves along its shores only became proper settlements when Raff les and his allies settled upon the island. His pirate island quickly became the unofficial half ling refuge in the Shackles, though members of all races remain welcome as long as such individuals share a passion for freedom and justice.

While the south of Bag Island is mainly grassy plains, rolling hillocks, and sandy shores, the remainder is craggy and dotted with thick patches of scattered rainforest. The major river that permeates the island, the Libera, is lazy and shaded through most of its journey, feeding several hot marshy areas home to less savory creatures, including venomous snakes, oversized insects, and giant amphibians, and rumors of manticores and even a black dragon are bandied about the southern settlements. Of course, there is also much talk of buried treasure in the wild regions, and occasionally a group of adventurers will set off overland from Slipcove in search of this or that dead pirate’s forgotten horde. In fact, several cruel-hearted wags make a healthy living in Bag Island’s taverns selling phony maps to gullible outsiders, and more often than not such foolhardy vagabonds find their graves instead of riches.

Bag Island

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