Eulogy for Ranger Redshirt

Alas, poor… ranger… I knew him but passingly.
So passingly, in fact, it seems now but a dream.
Or perhaps a nightmare.

I recall his face from my first days aboard the Wormwood -
another unfortunate fallen victim to Caulky’s beverages.
He followed the Captain during the mutiny but was never a
part of the inner circle.

Throughout our travels he was always there, facing down
beast, storm and man alongside us. A steady hand on tiller
or weapon but always remaining in the background.

Yet, in our hour of grief, our day of death, he stepped
forward – into the breach left by dear, departed Ratpeg.
His bravery unquestioned, he joined our attempt to wrest
from the Island its mysteries.

Amongst the ruined fragments of others lives, however, he
fell. Slain by the shattered dreams of those long lost.

Rest in peace, my erst-while companion, secure in the
knowledge that your death will be avenged and your body

I wish I had know you better – or at least longer.

Eulogy for Ranger Redshirt

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