Fishguts' Quests

Ye want to talk to poor old Fishguts do ya. Most people just wanta stay cleer of me. Well if you do a few things for me…I’m feelin kinda poorly at the moment…I’ll give ya me blessin. What’da say?

  • Arr you a fan of the campaign yet? You better get on that.
  • Me sight ain’t what it used to be…what you look like…where ya from? Enter your characters details into the wiki.
  • Ready to be a pirate arrr ya? Bring the brute along to the first session all done up and finished like (following all ze rules).

REWARD: +2 to any ability score.

  • Tell me a pirate tale ya salty dog. Blog a post about a day in the life of being a pirate.

REWARD: One bonus feat of me own choosing.

  • Where do you want to be in five years? Write in your character description your character’s goal and describe how they would look in an ideal world. Describe some magic items you might like to have.

REWARD: It’s fate now. Once per game session you may re-roll a d20 roll.

  • Sitting around that campfire on Bonewrack Isle on a beautiful star filled night, the palm trees moving softly in the wind…must have learned at little about those other people you have been hanging out with. Here’s a fun one…write an adventure log post about your character from one of the other character’s point of view, perspective and “voice.”

REWARD: Gain the Escape Route teamwork feat.

  • It’s all piss and mirrors. Tell us ya tallest tale.

REWARD: Gain the Shit Spinner feat.

  • Keeping up are ya? All the greatest heroes have songs and poems about them. What you got? (Be up to date with all the quests and write a mythic song or poem about your character).

REWARD: Playtest the mythic character rules for an entire module.

  • So mutch death…how about a few kind words for the deerly departed..
    (Write a eulogy for one of the deceased…it can be for someone reincarnated back again).

REWARD: Gain a flash of insight as an immediate action for one time only. This allows the character to select the exact result of one die roll before the roll is made.

Task Ian Justin Matthew Bethany Kylie
Character Creation Yes No No Yes Yes
Day in the Life Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
5 Years Time Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Point of View Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Tall Tale Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Mythic Character Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Flash of Insight No No Yes No No

Fishguts' Quests

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