Letter of Marque

To all who shall see these presents, greetings:

Be it known that in pursuance of the decree of Kerdak Bonefist, Hurricane King of the Shackles, Lord of the Freehold of Port Peril, Commodore of the Fever Sea, Chairman of the Pirate Council, Captain of the Filthy Lucre, and Scourge of the Seven Seas, that this commission has been granted and presented to Morgan, Shiney, Azothil, Ratpeg and Mara, captain and officers of the Free Ship the Lying Wench.

The persons named above, and all crew under their command, as well as any vessels in their possession, are hereby granted the right to subdue, seize, and take any vessel, armed or unarmed, public or private, belonging to the countries, nations, and tribes with whom a state of war currently exists between themselves and the lawful and rightly constituted government of the Shackles, or any sub-government of any of the Shackles Islands, or any of the lawfully acknowledged Free Captains of the Shackles.

At the time of this commission, these countries include, but may not necessarily be limited to:
Absalom, Andoran, Bloodcove, Chauxen, Cheliax, Dehrukani, Droon, Geb, Hermea, Holomog, Jalmeray, Katapesh, The Kelesh Empire, Korvosa, The Linnorm Kingdoms, Lirgen, Magnimar, Mediogalti Island, The Mordant Spire, Nex, Nidal, Nurvatchta, Osirion, Qadira, Rahadoum, Riddleport, Senghor, Taldor, The Terwa Lordships, Thuvia, Tirakawhan, Yamasa, and all of their lieges, suzerains, allies, tributaries, vassals, servitors, agents, licensed companies, and private citizens.

This commission shall also apply to any portions or inhabitants of the Shackles found to be in rebellion from the lawful rule of the Hurricane King and the Pirate Council, or any organization, government, or nation not currently under a negotiated settlement with the Pirate Council, and the inhabitants and rulers of any lands, domains, or settlements currently unknown to the Government of the Shackles.

And also the right to raid the settlements and habitations of said countries, nations, and tribes, to seize their goods, effects, and persons, and to dispose of all such captured property in such a way as the commissioned holders deem fitting.

This commission to continue in force until such time as it is revoked by the Hurricane King of the Shackles.

Given under the hand and seal of Kerdak Bonefist, Hurricane King, on the 8th day of Erastus, in the year 4712 Absalom Reckoning.

Letter of Marque

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