Free Captains: Before being accepted into the order of Free Captains, a ship and its crew must establish a name for itself and acquire a reputation. Those captains that sail the more populated waters of the Shackles without the title of Free Captain to back them up are more commonly seen as something else: prey.

Pirate Lords: While Kerdak Bonefist reigns as overlord of the Shackles, he does not rule alone. Beneath the Hurricane King, a council of pirate lords exercise dominance over their own island holdings and often whole fleets of semi-loyal pirate vessels.

The Hurricane King: When the perpetual hurricane called the Eye of Abendego appeared, the pirates of the region fought among themselves for a time. The strongest emerged as influential leaders, and eventually agreed to work together to consolidate piracy in the area. Captain Kerdak, the terrifying captain of the Filthy Lucre, took the crowning position of Hurricane King by virtue of commanding the strongest fleet and holding Port Peril. Under his leadership, the captains with the largest fleets formed a pirate council and installed themselves as governors of various ports.

Wreckers: A group of pirates who deliberately lure ships into danger so that they can salvage the cargoes of the resulting wrecked ships.


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