Pirate Entertainments

With time on their hands and precious few places to go, Shackles pirates have come up with an astonishing array of pastimes.

One way pirates amuse themselves is through songs and stories. Pirates love a good sea chantey and characters can make themselves quite popular with a well sung song.

Aside from telling stories, singing songs, and other recreations, shipboard pasttimes have two things in common: they are dangerous and they are played for money.

Arm wrestling: Not merely typical arm wrestling bouts, such matches are usually conducted on a barrel top covered in broken glass, knives or caltrops.

Hog lob: Participants lob a lead ingot covered in greased piglet skin, the “hog,” as far across the deck as possible. Some pirates claim to have participated in games played against Asmodeus using a live hog.

Heave: This potentially deadly drinking game is played with rum and takes place between any number of pirates, who bet to predict the winner beforehand. Each pirate drinks a half pint of rum in one swig until only one is left standing. Some tales tell of entire crews drinking themselves to death through this game, leaving ships of drunk ghosts wandering the shipping routes.

Pirate Entertainments

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