A tanned, blue-haired elf wearing only a loincloth.


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The epic poem/prophecy of the Waveseer: Stormborn
It’s a Mythtory
A Eulogy for Ranger Redshirt


From Mordant Spire, has Azothil sailed to the Shackles to investigate the ancient Cyclops ruins, seeking out any connections between these and the Azlanti – suggested by the appearance of great hurricane here at the death of Aroden, last of the Azlanti.

Azothil prefers to speak to humans only in Azlanti – rinsing his mouth out with salt water and spitting after speaking if forced to use another tongue to make himself understood.

The Mordant Spire Elves regard all Azlanti ruins and artefacts as theirs by right and Azothil extends this to include anything that might shed further light on ancient Azlant.


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