Davor "Rat Peg"

After a long absence, hes back on the water


Strong and agile despite the injury, Davor is a “man” who appears in control and on a path he wants to be on. Reality is a bitch! Davor dresses as a sailor but the clothing is all shore styles and although he knows a boat he still looks out of place.

Hes a very take him or leave him sort of guy.


My earliest of memories is the noise and the commotion, the shouts and screams. Moving through the weaving mass of attacker and defender, trying to survive the boarding. Then came the hard hit and blackness. I don’t remember much of my young life on board that ship, I don’t know if we were the good guys or the bad, but I do very much remember the cold water and the circling sharks, especially that ink black eye and the searing pain!

“don’t pass out ya green bastard, keep moving, keep swimming, the shores not far and that shark be dead now!”

It took many years but I can now run and climb and move like I used to.
I have learnt my way around a boat while working the docks.
I have learned to fight visiting the pubs.
Even went to the aquarium “shudders”
Now it be time for the sea.

Rise and shine ya Scurvy Dogs!!!!!!!!
DAMMIT” Press ganged, now that’s one way to get back to the sea

Davor "Rat Peg"

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