Valeria "Shiny" Blacksby

This girl can give you one hell of a shiner, but her nervous tick to polish is why they call her "Shiny"


Young Valeria comes across as very fidgety and is unusually neat for a sailor. She prefers her dark hair to be loose but when it comes to crunch time she ties it up in a tight ponytail.


Born to a merchant couple in a portside town, Valeria’s parents tried to separate her from the pirates by instilling values of cleanliness and courtesy, but when they lost what little money they had to a gambling debt, Valeria started living off the money she earnt doing hard labor on the docks. Often picked on for her mousy personality and weird habits, She had to learn to fight with whatever was around to earn respect and keep herself safe.

Valeria hopes to one day own her own shop or inn, and become a merchant like her parents once were. When she was young, she would design plans for “The Shining Cauldron”, before she realised how long it would take to raise funds for such a venture. Sometimes she dreams of self cleaning armour, light as a feather but tough as the best steel, and has conceded that if she cannot build her dream, she will buy her happiness.

Valeria "Shiny" Blacksby

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